Brown is a true southern storyteller, delighting his audiences with a flair for southern culture, humorous anecdotes, and “down-home” characters.

Dr. J. Keith Brown, D Min, DM, M Div, BS, CH 


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5.0 out of 5 stars Touching story July 28, 2010
Keith Brown delves deep into the emotional roller-coaster of teenage life in this well-written story. Laughter, tears, anger, love–all are present on the pages of The Catcher’s Mitt.
“I just now finished reading your book ‘Mama’s Love’. The few hours that it took me to read it (because I couldn’t put it down) have been filled with tears, smiles and even laughs out loud. Being a single mom, it brought back a lot of memories and experiences…especially the driving lessons. You are an excellent author and I can’t wait to read your others. Thank you for sharing this book with me.” T. Boggs.